Males have a distinctly diffferent appearance below the waist than females do. This page describes how a MtF can disguise the male genitals, and present a less masculine appearance.

Skirts and dresses are very effective at hiding the unsightly bulge of the male genitals. Pants, however, are a different story. The smooth fronts of women's pants have no room for extra tissue. Jeans, especially, are often cut to be worn tight, showing off the smooth curves of a female body.

Some gay men may deliberately wear tight jeans to display their bodies in a setting conducive to sexual liasons. A distinct bulge may be a welcome atttibute in a gay man's appearance. However, If you are a gynephilic crossdresser or transsexual, you probably don't want your male genitals to bulge. If the male bulge is a problem for you, you can correct the condition by tucking your genitals.

How to Tuck -- without Hip Pads

To do so, obtain an elastic panty girdle (or brief) in a size that will fit you snugly. One by one, push your testicles back and up into your body cavity. This may be somewhat uncomfortable the first few times you do this, and you may not be able to tolerate the situation very long. When I first tried this back in the '70's, I couldn't imagine where they would go. There seemed to be a bone cavity without opening in it. However, I was both curious and determined; I found the spot, and with practice got my testicles nicely hidden.

You may find, as I did, that this is a stimulating experience, and so it appears you have made the bulge larger because it is now erect. That, too, will pass. For some people, it may be necessary to ejaculate before proceeding. In my case, I just waited a few minutes, and focused on the image of a sexual turn-off (for me, picturing a bowl of cold, congealed gravy works well). Whatever works for you is fine.

The testicles will not stay were they are without some coercion; if you bend or lift you leg, the testicles will pop out of the cavity. That's where the panty girdle comes in. Pull the girdle up your legs, bend the penis down and back between your legs, and pull the girdle up to hold everything in place.

I didn't believe this was possible, but it is. When I first did this, it seemed the erection would never go down, so I had to force it back while it was still erect. Doing so was rather uncomfortable, and after a few minutes the discomfort caused the desired deflation. For me and for several other transsexuals I've talked to, the male genitals are unwanted, so the flat-front appearance that comes with properly tucked genitals is very satisfying.

There is an amazing range of garments with the name girdle. You don't need a heavily-boned girdle of the 1930's. An elastic girdle will work. To start with, pick one up in Sears, Walmart, or other discount retailer; you don't need an expensive garment. Girdles are usually sold by the waist measurement, not by a size number. From the range of stiffness available, select one of a medium weight; pay for it; take it home and try it before you buy a few of them. By the way, I found the brief style to be better than the boy-leg or long-leg. styles.

How to Tuck -- with Hip Pads

If you are wearing hip padding, you will need to adapt this procedure. For purchased padding, like those from Classic Curves, you may not need a separate girdle: the padding garment may provide enough coercion to the male parts. Some brands provide a lot of strength; others, not so much.

If you are wearing the pads described in Part 3, you can use a lighter, stretchier girdle than you use when you're using no padding. The volume of the foam pads fills out the girdle and draws it tighter across your crotch. You will have to experiment, but I found the effort to be well worth it. I really look good in pants (blush, blush!), and I looked good in them even before my surgery. The secret is the flat front and the full hips.